I'm 29 and have a two year old. I live in a house that my parents bought and they are still paying the payments for me


My grandparents support financially three of their 5 children the youngest of the three is 36 oldest is 45 they have families of their own


I have a family member who financially raises her daughter (age 32) and son (age 30). They both live with her, including 6 of her grandkids.


My cousin 30 years old, is a college graduate, owns a town house and still receives $1,000 or more allowance from her parents so she can do fun things


my cousin is 40 years old and still lives with my aunt and uncle. He still has his same room in the basement that he's been in since he was 10 years old.


my in laws support 2 of their adult sons- they've gotten them in to their homes, set them up in businesses, etc


my 35 year old brother got a divorce 10 years ago and Is STILL trying to get back on his feet. He lives in his childhood bedroom


I know someone who's 40 and she still lives at home. She's never moved out and her parents pay for everything for her. It's a little pathetic


My boyfriend gets 100$ a week from his mom he is 29


I have a Sister in law who is 35 years old. Never lived on her own, has two kids, never held a job & my mother in law pays for everything....cars, boob job


My husband is 38 and his parents have financial supported him for the last 5 years. I work full time while he stays at home playing around on his computer


I have a friend that her parents give her 45 year old brother a monthly allowance and bought his house, he has 4 kids and still going to school


my boss supports all three of her grown children and can't retire because of it.