my husband gasses out our room!!! Ughhh

It gets so hot at night and when she clings to me i cant sleep at all.

Our relationship is way better sleeping apart, we fought all the time when my snoring kept husband awake! We both win being able to stretch out!

Sometimes my husband will "make beats" on our headboard when he sleeps, it drives me insane and makes for one angry wifey in the morning.

I love my husband, but he has restless leg syndrome and he moves

Resented my hubby because I had insomnia, but he was the one who "didn't" sleep well.

My hubby wakes up between 3:30-4 EVERY SINGLE DAY, he will wake me up to scratch his back so he can fall back asleep

My husband snores. Honestly there are nights where I could put a pillow over his head, take him out for good, and not feel bad about it......

My husband is ALWAYS texting people he shouldn't be. Has his phone as loud as it will go. Keeps going off ALL night long

I dont resent him totally yet. But im getting there. He ALWAYS can fall asleep faster than me and snores. Violently. Kinda where he stops breathing then sucks in really fast and loud. It used to not bother me at all, now sleep aids, alcohol and ear plugs dont always help

My wife insist on sleeping on my side of the bed basically on top of me. She even uses my pillow

My husband has a difficult time sleeping because of his medication so to keep me from sleeping poorly

My husband snores and tosses and turns. I go out to the couch and I am still not getting a good nights sleep. Sex has been come a thing of the past because i an exhausted and we have only been married 4 years

My husband snores like a wild bear. His bedroom is now downstairs and we have never been happier!

I would kick my husband out if bed almost every night due to his snoring. He finally got a cpap and has been a lot better.

I want a separate bed soooo bad, but my husband would freak if I asked!!

My wife and I have been married for almost 2 years and she tosses and turns all night long to the point where she hits me in the face! I sleep on the couch most night

I was in a head on collision on Wednesday. I naturally toss and turn but now it takes a minute or two to turn over. My poor wife can't sleep

My husband constantly wakes up in a dream panic and starts swearing and breaking out.

My poor wife has to fall asleep before me do to my restless leg and sleep apnea god bless her