gma has been paranoid her whole life. Has never been home alone. thinks neighbors r going 2 break in & steal everything and has multiple locks on her doors


friends mom locks herself in her room whenever husband is gone. for overnight trips she brings kids in the room with food and wont leave til he gets back.


my mil is so paranoid about everything. Example. When at the park with my kids she hovers them bc she thinks someone will steal them and molest them.


my dads cousin is this way. She calls the cops ALL the time. She thinks her neighbors want her house. That the CIA is watching her house


there was a girl living next door to us and would always have my dad come check her house because she thought someone was in it.


I work for a security comp. 2 hrs on a call w/lady. Claims SHE had someone break into her home, says they removed important files from her mobile


my mom refuses to shower unless someone else is home. She thinks someone will break in while she is showering