I know a couple that he is atheist and she's LDS. They've been dating for three years.

I am really really Catholic I go to church every Sunday I'm involved in the church I'm there for everything my husband was never taught a religion or baptized now he is starting to see my point of view for the religion but still isn't baptized and still won't go to church

My mom is a very devout Mormon. My dad is agnostic and stopped going to church 12 years into the marriage. They've been married 37 years. It works sometimes I guess.

Been married 13 years. My husband is a faithful active member of the LDS church. I'm not, I love beer, love it so much I brew my own and occasionally smoke a blunt. We have a great relationship and are truly best friends. Never keep anything from each other.

My mom is super religious she attends multiple bible studies a week and my dad doesn't go to church he stays home and drinks his beer....they have been married 40 years and it just works;)

My husband is very devote Catholic and I'm agnostic. He won't let me take his last name until we have our church wedding because our first wedding was at the courthouse. It's rough.

My husband and I have been married for almost 12 years I'm RELIGIOUS he's not. The key is to be respectful of each others ideas and it all works out

My husband and I met 15 years ago I'm religious (noon denominational) and he is not but he's respectful of that joins me at church at times and respects that I want our children to grow up in some sort of spiritual environment.

He didnt believe in God, anything to do with a higher power or anything and it was pretty hard to deal with

My husband and I were married in the temple 3 years ago. I've stayed active and he now wants nothing to do with the church. We make it work though. He respects my views and lets me practice my religion and never makes me feel bad about it. I know this hasn't worked for everyone, but we love and respect each other and we are fully committed to each other so religion hadn't been an issue.

Husband and I both Mormon, we have been married 4 years. He has been inactive the whole time and I am very active. It works because we love and respect each other....but there is a line, he wants to be a swinger couple, not going to happen so I just give him kinky sex.:-)

My cousin has a tattoo of Jesus being decapitated on his belly has never been to church read the bible 1 time and called it nonsensical rubbish. His girlfriend whom he has two kids with goes to church every week and prays for his soul.

I have a friend who is a devote Christian. She dated an Atheist for two years, and they broke up because she wouldn't give up the V

My x husband and I are polar opposite in regards to religion. He is an Atheist, I am Christian, although not some crazy Jesus freak. He told are children 6 and twins who are 4. When we die we go to the ground or get burned in a fire. Needless to say it didn't work out. I doubt this big of a belief difference can last long term

I sister-in-law is Jewish her husband is Christian they've been married for 12 years have a great relationship and just celebrate a little bit of everything

My hubby is very religious he is catholic and I am not religious at all and we get along and I support him