I used to live in Florida in a small town and while I was there I met a neighbor who owned acres and acres of property he had his own shooting range and 100s of weapons from automatic to bolt action rifles to tomahawks. When I asked him why all the weapons he said the end is near, haven't you seen the walking dead


My dad is working on a construction job in southern California. .. he's afraid the apocalypse will happen while he's there and he won't be able to get to Utah so he's bought a motorcycle for the soul purpose if getting out of there.



My moms got everything from solar panels to food that will last 30yrs! Yeah crazy


Been stocking up on ammo just in case... Added it all up on Sunday and had about 13,000 rounds. I bought 3700 more rounds yesterday


My roommate and her family are extreme preppers. Our apt had millions of water bottles. Her FAM has a cabin for bugging out, not vacationing. They have already appointed a leader and all have jobs. If you don't contribute you get kicked out. Huge plan!


My father in law bought 55 acres on the mtn and is build storage container bunkers on it buying all kinds of guns


my husband has thousands of rounds of ammo all these guns. We have food preparations. hundreds of gallons of water. and my husband and his friends are planning on buying a place in the mountains to run to in case something happens.


My dad is on the verge! He wants to get a car with no door handles so no one can just get in while driving haha.


By brother in law and sister they spend all their extra money on things to save them... Nothing else guns ammo food knifes maps water etc... Huge plans crap hits the fan meetings every month.