I went on a study abroad trip with a boy who would NOT eat anything but cheese pizza and chicken nuggets. He's 23

I have someone that is the worst at going out to eat. She won't eat anything. But sushi. And won't eat meat and so picky no worth even going out

I'm very picky when it comes to food. No candy, cake, ice cream, chocolate, Asian food, Mediterranean food, some Mexican, vegetables, etc...

We go out quite frequently and last Saturday we went to a place and their order came out with 14, FOURTEEN, modifiers!

 my 2 cousins only eat peanut butter and honey. Even on thanksgiving

I am but I'm celiac but I hate it being so difficult.

Had friends that we invited over for fish tacos and she sent me a text saying, "Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, I only eat halibut." WTF!?

a girl I know is high maintenance with food. She has to have everything special and can't have food touch so they have to give her like 10 plates

my dad is the most high maintenance man. Nothing is ever to his liking, he complains everywhere about something. It's buffet from now on with him.

I pack my Thai food everywhere.

mother in law won't eat any oil or butter, fat, meat!

My younger sister will have my parents stop by Wendy's before we go to most any other restaurants.

My cousin is allergic to eggs. Anything with eggs in them is horrible and there's only so many things without eggs

my mother is very picky she has to make sure the food is cooked at a certain temperature and if she eats red meat she will take small bites

my cousin asks to please cook his steak or any sort of meats with olive oil instead of butter

Me. I am lactose intolerant I have a few other food allergies Im a clean eater and I'm a vegetarian.

It always turns into an event when I go out to eat but not by choice. I have multiple dietary restrictions including no gluten, dairy or red meat

I'm so picky I pretty much make my own menu...plus I don't like my food to touch!

my friend is supper picky about eating out. She quizzes waiters about every ingredient on food.... Doesnt like her foods to touch.

I'm high maintenance. But I'm willing to pay extra to get what I want
My husband makes me lean across him in the drive thru to place my order. He's embarrassed by all my requests.