I get pissed because people eat my food out of the fridge at work. I bring my lunch and look forward to eating it

Im part time in my office so I have to share my cube. On Tuesday I left some pens on the desk, & Yesterday I found them all chewed on. Who does that??

I'm randomly leaving pennies around a co workers desk. I'm at $.13 and he can't figure out where they are coming from.

i "invite" myself to all the food parties at work, even if food is clearly labeled for a dept. I don't work for lol

I'm a receptionist and someone keeps stealing my personalized sticky notes. I have no idea who, but it drives me nuts!

My boss lets himself into geeky dudes office to raid his snacks! Lol!

My boss is a bitch so we steal her pens every single time she gets up from her desk. She is going absolutely crazy.

messed with a co worker by moving every content of his desk to an empty desk on the other side of the building..

I messed with my Co workers LDS singles account because he kept it logged in on our shared computer. Don't feel bad

we have a shrink wrap machine at my work and we r always shrink wrapping each other stuff like pens calculators staplers or whatever we can get our hands on

 i don't like my co-worker, so i constantly unplug his mouse and keyboard, but only enough to not work. It looks plugged in still.

I like to switch the keys on someone's keyboard that knows how to type

My brother left on a honeymoon, and came back to his whole entire office wrapped in tinfoil including his stapler and all his office supplies

I took an idea from Jim/the office and put a coworkers cell phone up in the ceiling.