I’m half black half white . I was dating a girl and she met my dad who is black, she said she couldn’t be with a mulatto.


My spouse is racist against Asian she can't stand them and yet she has Chinese writing tattooed on her forearms.. Ironic isn't it?


Me and my husband have been married for 3 years and hes racist against Hispanic people. At first it wasnt bad but got worse and worse. Which is sad considering the fact that im Mexican. He is making me question our relationship.


Dated a supposedly reformed neo Nazi. dumped his ass when he told me the Holocaust didn't happen


I was married for 5 years to learn my husband was a former clan member


My ex was racist! Hates black people has no idea found out when we were talking about friends I told him I have many black friends . His response to this was "I can't believe you I see you completely different now" such a douche!!


Gingers. Is that a race? Idk but I can not stand gingers... No soul, no way. Stay away


My wife is really racist against Hispanics...makes it awkward cuz some if my family members married Hispanics


My husband sounds just like him. I don't like it but it is what it is. His opinion isn't mine though so I don't see how they can blame her