Leaving for work this morning. Walked outside to find out my car is stolen! F'd up Friday already.... :(


Woke up at 2 am to news my grandfather had passed away. My crappy day started super early...


Having a bad day because they are filming a movie here in tooele and filmed all night at the old jail so we heard gunshots all night.


I'm Already having a crappy day because it's not even 7 AM have had to hear about Kim and Kanye several times. Thanks guys.


Didn't close my travel mug all the way. Bent over to grab my purse. Spilled my coffee all over my white silk shirt, dumped in my purse and all over the light cream carpet. I'm putting baileys in the next cup!


Got to work. Backing a large work truck out of the shop and ran into a smaller work truck, smashing in the fender.


Gas light just came on and left my wallet at home


I'm already receiving "not meeting expectation" emails from work. I'm not even there yet!


Crappy day. Woke up late couldn't find anything ripped my pants couldn't find my keys went to get spare and it was gone too. And more I'm going to be late


I was up from 12:30pm until 3:10 with intense back, chest, and stomach pain. so tired!!


The bank blocked my debit card because someone stole the number and tried to make some purchase, now I cant even put gas in my car


Got to work to find out a coworker shot himself. Bad day!


Woke up tweaked my knees, eight days before my marathon. Thanks Friday


I have a migraine my crazy boss started texting at 530 and the crack in my windshield is leaking rain inside


First day of work from maternity (boo!) . On my way to work...hit a skunk....get to work get a phone call from my aunt telling me my grandma passed away.


Worked the graveyard shift last night and pooped my pants.


My rough start was the area where my daycare is was closed


Left my window, and my sunroof open all night. Nothing like driving with a wet butt!


I woke up to get ready for work and didn't have any clean underwear


My dog poops up by my pillow every few months in the middle of the night, so I woke up this morning to a little present by my head


I normally enjoy 2 hours of work before my boss shows up. He decided to show up at the same time I do. FML!!