Great friends with my 1st husbands 1st wife. We're part of each other's families and even vacation together often

I'm friends with my husband ex wife she is taking pics at or wedding

I'm great friends with both of my kids bonus mothers. I don't call them step parents. They are bonus parents. My youngest son's father passed away 10 years ago and his widow and I have remained close so the kids could maintain a relationship. My oldest sons father lives within 5 miles of me and his wife and I are very close. We do bbqs and dinners together. Makes co parenting so much better for our kids. I think it shows our kids that there really isn't any need to let the past affect your present. My son tells me all the time how nice it is that he didn't feel torn and have to pick between the two families

I wouldn't say bff's but we are definitely friends. The first time we met wasn't awkward at all and still talk and plan on having play dates with our kids.

Yep I am. we went to see the other woman this weekend

I work out with my husbands ex everyday. Plan parties, go to lunch, camping, movies, talk to her all day almost everyday. Basically best friends.

We're not BFFs but I'm roommates with my ex-wife ex-husband

ME!! I'm very close with the woman my exhusband left me for! It's fun to compare horror stories- they're no longer together

My step parents and parents are all Facebook friends and talk to each other / see each other more than I see them.

Super close with hubby's ex. I used to get after him when he was a jerk to her. That's your child's mother. Set an example for your son dude!

I'm really good friends with my husbands ex girlfriend he helped raise her daughter for almost three years we still get the kids together and hang out separately also friends with his ex wife and he's friends with mine we think of everyone as family.

While I was with my ex, I became really good friends with his ex... To the point she came and lived with us. Now we are no longer in touch with him but I'm her maid of honor.

I am best friends with my husbands ex. We get along great which is great for their two kids they have. We go on vacations all the time with us, their kids, and her and her boyfriend. Shame it's the norm for ex's to hate each other rather than all get along, especially when kids are involved.