I hate when men cat call and when I don't respond they call me a slut or a bitch


Not down with the cat calls I always think the mens are perverts when they do that usually they are vulgar! I don't like that!


Incredibly offensive.. I might be the only one but I get very annoyed by it


recently got called out for my black ghetto body (I'm a little white chick) in front of a very large group of people.. Flattering but embarrassing!


I was getting out of my car recently and got the cat call "nice legs" it was so sweet that someone actually noticed me.


I work road construction with my wife and one day in downtown slc some guys came out of gracies and started cat calling and it didn't bug her 


I hate catcalls! As a woman who often runs alone not only does it make me nervous, it also makes me feel like a piece of meat


I absolutely hate it I'm not a piece of meat and just because I have a big booty doesn't mean that's the only thing I can offer


I'm a runner and spend hours on the road and I LOVE to hear the whistles. I've lost 80 lbs and worked hard for this body!


get whistled at everyday by the inmates on work release walking into work. Gross... I'm ok with cat calls from non-jailbird guys!


Ok except when they are directed at my 13 year old daughter.


cat calls Blonde, tan & big boobs. I work construction, get cat calls constantly from co workers. They get pissed when I can run heavy equipment better


I like the cat calls. Recently in Vegas...received many, boosts my self confidence!