My ex husbands father enables him to be a bum! He pays for his apartment,
Tacoma, insurance. Five years to be a bum. No child support sucks. He's an engineer

My boyfriends dad and step mom enable her 2 adult sons. They have had problems with addiction and when they relapse she'll go out and buy them a new condo or new electronics to make them "feel better". It's disgusting. They are spoon fed, they have hooked them up with every job they have ever had (which is minimal) no wonder they never get better

I have a 42 year old coworker whose mom still makes his lunch call to make sure that he is up for work and even does his laundry.

My friends mom used to buy her heroin....until she went to prison. She's still there today.

My mother in law is the worst enabler ever. Constantly giving 2 of her kids money instead of letting them figure out their own crap. They are both almost 30 and married!

My grand parents are huge enablers with my brother. He is addicted to pills and they support him 100%... They've allowed him to live with them along with his wife who is also an addict and their 23 month old daughter... They pay for everything and give him money all the time... Totally in denial about everything... It's very sad!!

My ex husband that is 46 still lives in a house his parents own and they buy everything for him. He works part time under the table for daddy and now owes me 53,000 in child support! A real winner!

My mother allows my 38-year-old brother to live with her and pays for all his bills. He is married and has two kids, his wife does not work and he works at night as a DJ and spends the little money he makes on Brand name clothing and Stupid crap. She says she is tired of him but doesn't kick him out either

My mother in law is an enabler for her daughter she just got married and she still has no idea what it's like to be an adult the mother still puts money in her account and she doesn't have a job but she knows she doesn't have to never has had to pay for her phone or car it anything

My cousin is 30 pill popper no income no job lives with brother has child no high school diploma or driver license

My mil is a huge enabler for my brother in law. he had drugs and alcohol delivered to her house. She would go over to his house pick up his laundry and wash it fold it and bring it back over to his house. He was 25 years old at this time. because of his drug and alcohol use since he was 12 he is now a vegetable

Mother in law would be okay with the fact that my husband was a drug user for ten yrs, she would take him to pick drugs up and would say as long as I know he's at home doing them then for him to be out in the streets!

I was an enabler, married for 15 years, I worked two jobs putting myself through grad school. I ended up being the bread winner while he was a violent alcoholic party boy, taking vacations to Powell, Mesquite, vegas with his buddies, going to bars, buying & spending my money to have every toy he desired. I filed for divorce when he was arrested on hill Air Force base & lost his job for cocaine use. I had no idea about his drug life. 15 years of regret! Ha

My parents enable 43 yr old drunk brother

My bfs mom. Does it to his brother. Everything he freaks out about he gets with drug addiction and is so crazy rude