My husband wrestled in high school so sometimes he and his friend think they can still wrestle and they end up getting hurt

My 20 year old ex would wrestle with my 27 year old friends husband! Crazy. He cracked his head open on a rock. Lol.

Yes absolutely. Law enforcement have to practice wrestling in the event we get into an altercation, i wrestle with friends to stay on top of my game!

My friend and I were a little inebriated in Vegas and one of the suites and he was trying to impress his girlfriend so the two of us wrestled around on the bed till he got choked out and passed out

I was a little guy and went to prison and that is all they do is horse play and it let in to fights it was pretty funny

I got into an horseplay/wrestling match with my former boss, ended getting my acl torn, and losing my job. Even though he started it.

All the guys on my husband's competitive league baseball team wrestle with each other. Sometimes us girls get jealous. ..yeah it is THAT bad.

I just wrestled with a guy at work this morning. He wanted to play king of the hill. He is 23 I'm 37. Yeah I kicked his ass.

My husband is a fireman. I swear they are always wrestling around

I'm mid 20's and my friends and I have to fight to settle arguments some times

My boyfriend wrested his friend and he cracked his friends rib :/ they still laugh about it to this day

We were drinking one Saturday night with our neighbors and my husband and one if the neighbor guys disappeared for awhile. They both came back bloody. We asked where they had gone and apparently they were out on the lawn wrestling....

couple years ago two friends were wrestling and it escalated and turned a bit ugly really quickly. We're all in our late twenties.

My buddies and I had a boxing tournament for his bachelor party that turned into an anything goes fight. Let's just say there were lots of pants and shirts ripped as a few holes in wall

My husband and his best friend get teased for being a little feminine with each other sometimes but when they wrestle it's serious. Hubby knocked him out on accident once because best friend wouldn't surrender, scary night