I am an adult that is late to EVERYTHING. I am 30 mins late to work every day and because I was running late to my father's funeral and I am horrible 


my mom is always late to everything... We have started telling her to be places 2-3 hours before so she will only be 30 min late instead of hours


My brother is always 30 minutes to an hour late to every thing. We always tell him events r an hour earlier than they really are.


My friends I late to literally everything. He even has it written in his will that his coffin is to wheeled in after the funeral starts.


I'm always late. I'm running late right now. I have ADD, so I lose track of time SO easy!


my ex was always late. His family used to tell him that events started an hour earlier than they actually did just to try and get him there on time


my best friend is the world is LATE for EVERYTHING!! She was late for her own wedding.


my sister is late to every family event we have drives us all nuts


My sister is always late!! Even when events are at her house.

my husband is late for EVERYTHING and it bugs the crap out of me because I'm not a late person at all


my cousins. Parents. They say they will be here around 630 and they show up at 730


I'm late for EVERYTHING. I'm lags for work every single day. I'm surprised I still have a job!


My mom is late to everything work, weddings church you name it she'll be 30 minutes late.


I HATE when co workers come in late everyday and have food or a drink in there hand


my mom late for everything except for going to movies


my 30 yr old sister in law (husbands sister) is ALWAYS LATE. She doesn't even leave her house until 30 mins after she was already supposed to be somewhere


my sister walked in as my wedding was starting. You could tell her husband was embarrassed and pissed


My ex wife is always late, she leaves her house at the time she should be arriving.


co-worker late for work every day for eight months!