I had to go to that show unfortunately. She is so damn fake it was funny. Horrible show. She is so fake she would go out to 'read' people if they disagreed she would move on.  She would only 'read' people in her stupid fan club which they sign up an give info out so she can research them. She's so fake--she also has a fan club that's very cheap to join an hey what do you know she requests a bunch of info so strange

I went as a believer, but left a skeptic. It didn't seem very legit in person.

he didn't seem to get things as right as she usually does on tv... But there were 6000 people? Our family was disappointed

 I think the people that were believers and aren't now, are just pissed because she didn't have a message from their loved ones for them.

 I went on Monday call me a sucker but I think she was legit.

I went to the show a huge fan but she got more facts wrong than right. you're not supposed to give any personal info and people kept doing that so she had allot to go off on. Very disappointed

I was at the show Monday night and I truly watched a fraud and she actually admitted that everyone on she show pays for their readings it's not how it seems she doesn't go into the store and read anyone I totally believe in spirit but she has ruined it for me!!!

she read a lot more then fan club members. There was one lady that was read that went with a couple that had an extra ticket!!

Theresa circled around to find someone that fit what she was talking about. Not impressed.

Such a believer in her...as soon as the show was over I had an overwhelming feeling it was fake but I can't put my finger on why..??? Seemed to good to Be true

I went to the show on Monday and she read quite a bit of people. She seemed legit.