married 11 years 3 kids I would do it.


I would totally. Thinking of the guy right now. Married 5 years been together for 9 years. No kids.


married 7 years been together 13 have 2 kids. I am 25 yrs. I had an affair for 3 years and he never knew


married 3 years. No kids. 25 yrs old. Would totally do it.


I have been married 13 years and have 3 kids. I had an 8 year on and off affair... Never got caught!


I've been married for a year, I've been having an affair for so year. He has no idea


 absolutely I would! Married for 8 years. Very happy


been married 7yrs 2 kids my first isn't my husband and is 6 he doesnt know I have had an affair a few times. I love him but I effed up a few times.


married 7 yrs 2 kids, cheated w/ coworker in my bosses office


I am 25, husband is 36 Married for 4 years with no kids, and no sex life, I would! I think that tells me a little something about my marriage.


Hells yeah I would! No kids, married 2 years

28 married, 5 years, no kids and yes I would.


27 Divorced Did it Got caught


Married 8 years 3 kids... Yes done it for 1 year with one guy, 3 years a different