The Matthews family

"It has been an extremely tough and stressful week with some unexpected news for our family. Last week we took Jaxon into his pediatrician for a concern we had with his right eye. After visiting with her, she promptly sent us to see an Ophthalmologist for a further exam that day. That doctor was able to do his best to examine the eye of a reluctant 2yr old and decided we needed to have an MRI and full eye exam both done under anesthesia. He got us scheduled for both of those promptly last week. The doctor that performed those procedures has informed us that Jaxon has a Retinoblastoma (cancerous tumor) in his right eye. He did say that the MRI shows it is contained to one eye and hasn't spread anywhere else yet. The tumor is too large to treat with chemo and to help ensure it doesn't spread or cause further issues, we have to have his right eye removed and replaced with a prosthetic eye. This surgery has been scheduled for this Friday(4/21). We are saddened and scared for what our sweet baby boy will have to go through to remove this awful cancer from his beautiful eye but really hoping all goes well with a speedy recovery for our little guy!!! 💔😰"