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Alright lets get right to it!!

Yes tell it girl! Woman talks about her strong need of wanting a man with a big package!! For all the fellas out there: she ain’t got time for a tic-tac see a girly like her needs a Big Mac that is from McDonalds haha anyway check out her entire rap below! It even comes with lyrics!!!!




Wait say what?!
These parents paint their triplets' toe nails different colors to tell them apart!! Each color matches the first letter of their names. Why are they treating them like some new born puppies?? I can just see it now! The convo probably went something like this….Ffion gets fuchsia, Maddison gets mint green and little ol' Paige gets purple. Alright cool we're all set! If my parents did this to my twin sister and I and I found out years later I would be pretty pissed!!! Despite this they are some cute little things!! Check out the rest of the story here!
5,000 New words have been added to the board game Scrabble:
Some of the words include bromance, chillax, da, hashtag and selfie! Here is a link with some of the new words and their definitions for those who are not already hip! That’s all.
Here is a tutorial on how to pack for a one night stand…I mean one night stay! If you know what I mean *wink wink*!! Anyway being the bag lady that I am this is definitely a skill that I need to perfect and is one that anyone can benefit from: 

Man walks out of the shadows and than says...Вот это дрессировка!!!!!!!!!круто!!!!!!!!!! What ever he said these little duckies get to running!! That one group on the right is just like hold up wait a minute! Than the man leads them to the promise land AKA the barn!!  

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So I can't decide whether I'm ready for bed or if I'm just sleepy because ITS REALLY COLD IN THE STUDIO AAAAAAHHH! 



But I ain't mad #Don'tJudgeMe



It seems like everyone is loving up on Chris Pratt right now. and hey its cool I mean with Parks and Recreation and now Guardians of the Galaxy he's about to blow up I'm sure! ( that and he's just so darn cute :P) and! he's mad hip with the hip.. hop... I didn't do that on purpose.... 




In light of Underwear day i decided to edumicate y'all. 

Did you know when and why the bra became popular? huh? betcha don't know check out this story its a cool read (and if you want save if for tomorrow at work)


Soooooo cute!!! I want me and bae to be this cute when we're old.  (did I just say bae? yes I did #DontJudgeMe 

Look at the funniest place this old couple had their anniversary




AHHHHH!!!!I'm so excited for this! 

One of my favorite movies ever is School Of Rock, it looks like Nickelodeon is going to have a Tv series based off of the movie! Check out who might be in it


( And if you're a theatre nerd like myself Andrew Lloyd Webber is going to be making a musical version of it!!!!!!!!!) 

Don't believe me? HERE! 




This is Probably the smartest and nakedest advertising billboard ever.

Interested? You're gross haha nah just kidding take a look 



 And finally if you weren't grossed out enough from THAT. 

Check out what this guy from Georgia used to lift 35 pound kettlebells with.