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You can now play Cards Against Humanity online! So now you have the options of either buying the cards, printing them out and now playing it online!! Now it’s eco friendly! Go play it now at this link!!!!



TOO CUTE: Mom exercises with her kids! I swear little kids have the most adorable personalities ever!! See the videos here!


In other news...

This chipmunk is trying to get the nut! That’s some dedication right there!!…

 Yep still trying to get that nut....



Lady grinds…more like... bounces off of a guy's belly!!

The girls in the background to the right are making sure they have the moves to the dance while the lady on the left gets her drink on!! The main lady grinding make sure she’s getting all that belly!!!! Than the man at the end of the video is just like alright that’s enough of the belly bounce now…


Twerking is now spreading to other species!!!! Lets give this dog a round of applause for twerking a little something something!! You gotta see the footage!!


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Friday Friday Friday!!!! 

ok so its FRIDAYYYY!!! AHHHH :P 



HAHA!!! so I wont make y'all read anything I've got like 5 videos for ya! maybe less I don't member! :P 


SO a feel goo video for y'all, a man that was born with no arms threw the first pitch of a baseball game. CHECK IT OUT 


 And for those of us who struggle with bras (and their removal) here's a tutorial of how to remove bras :) 


 OK so I know everyone always want to move into the city and stuff but before you do check out what the most expensive cities to live in are. Dc's place is surprising here 


 OH EM GEEEE!!! OK OK OK i watched this and could NOT stop laughing! 

CYBER SEX!!! it's a funny topic to begin with, but when you add a tutorial as to how to do it it gets a million times better, and when you add the fact that it was made in 1997!!!! you have internet GOLDDD


 And a few links for you to check out! 

A list of the cooliest dance songs from the nineties! I know you wanna party it up on your way home! 


 And of of course i had to ruin your childhood! take a look at what i bet you didn't know about the LION KING

I know plenty of gay men who find... *cough* Lady bits... to be gross look at what they did when they drew them



Since Guardians came out yesterday and we've been giving out tickets to MARVEL Universe, I thought I'd include something that has to do with the Marvel. Everyone gets confused when they see these random cameos and Easter Eggs but here's a nice video explaining ALL OF THEM!!!!