What's up!!!!!

This is Carlos taking over EB's blog!  MUAHAHAHAHAHA 

ok you know the drill  I got the intern Hangover for ya! 

sadly I'm not actually hungover... or is that a good thing... I don't even know 

As always  I got some stuff from around the web I though t were cool or in today's case kinda crazy. 


Tell me why this video is almost convincing me that bugs might be super DELISH


You know it's actually my birf-day week and these guys are totally giving me ideas as to what to do this weekend

Slip and slide+50ft cliff=AWESOMENESSSS



EVERYONE loves Judge Judy (although I didn't realize it was still airing) 

but for the first time apps are the focus of the episode. The Judge discovers what Grindr is here 


I love watching screen junkies on YouTube, and this weeks Honest Trailer is awesome check out how they tore apart Planet of the apes ( the 2001 version) 


OK! so I'm all for getting weird when... getting weird... if you know what I'm saying *wink wink*....        sex.  

so if you're into dragons check out what this company is doing for y'all dragon lovers out there    NSFW! (Especially some of those links) 

Hey apparently there are guy toys with vampire teeth too so its all Gucci :) 



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