I wish I could have taken this on my vacation! 

It's a case with a slightly sticky material that sticks to hard surfaces so you can set the timer and take a better picture! It won't even look like a selfie anymore! 

[screenshot of website]

I've put one into action in real life. It totally worked! I didn't have it sticking on the window forever, but it stayed there without moving for a solid minute or so while I got the perfect shot.... and it wasn't annoying to put in my pocket!

It's a great day to be alive. Selfies are getting more acceptable. 

CHECK OUT MORE HERE!  They have all sorts of colors and different types of phones. BONUS: They come with a waterproof case/bag of sorts!

Just make sure you don't leave it hangin' on the window of the public transportation or something. Someone will snatch it so quick.