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Kevin Bacon's "Free Fallin" is Hilarious

Pretty funny bit.  Fallon continues to rule...and Kevin Bacon is always awesome.  
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"This is How We Do It" - Minivan Style

Yes.  All day with this.  PS...I love our minivan.  
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Death by Hickey? Yes.

A Mexican teenager died from a stroke he suffered after receiving a hickey! Yes, this is real. 17-year old Julio Macias Gonzalex had a small hicky on his neck, which was of course...
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Taylor Was WHERE Instead of the VMA's?

( TMZ ) -  Taylor Swift  had more important things to do than the VMAs -- like jury duty. Swifty hung back to serve on a possible Tennessee jury ... and in the process...
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This is real, right?

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No. Just NO!

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Woman Releases Bugs on Subway

WTF? A woman trying to sell crickets and worms on the subway in New York um lost it when no one wanted to buy them. She then launched the worms and crickets all over everyone on the subway car....
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TSA Told This 9 Year-Old He Couldn't Fly WHY?!

The mother of a 9-year-old who has a pacemaker is trying to spread the word about an incident with the TSA at Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport. Ali Bergstrom was flying back to Wyoming with...
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Impatient Teen Admits To Texting And Driving, Then She Reveals That’s What Killed Her Parents

Texting and driving... they don't mix.  It's unfortunately now the leading cause of death for teen drivers according to many news reports. In the video below, these young...
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Wait, Lochte is going to DWTS?!

  Ryan Lochte  is in talks to join “Dancing with the Stars,” Gossip Cop confirms. Season 23 of the ABC ballroom competition is slated to premiere on September 12....
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