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Motorcyclist Run Over While at Red Light

As a motorcyclist, I have to say..."PUT THE F####IN PHONE DOWN." We have enough challenges.  This is just crazy!  
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Homeless Kids in Utah NEED YOU

Homeless kids?  If those two words don't break your heart, you're not human. HELP.  You can.  It's easy.  SEE HOW ( )
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It Happened: PokemonGO BRAWL

I knew it was only a matter of time before people got heated about this game. You gotta see this news broadcast to truly believe it. Watch out for a little bleeped NSFW language.  
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LOOK: Man Has INSANE Alergic Reaction To Bug Bite

I thank the heavens I don't have allergic reactions like this.  BRU-TAL.
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Judge Didn't Know The Camera Was Rolling

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Groom Pukes During Vows

OMG!!! This is probably every couple's nightmare…but think of the memory they'll have forever!
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The End of The World Date Announced...

Apparently there is a new end of the world date.. Are you ready for this? The world is going to end on July 29th, 2016.   
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Here's The Moment Taylor and Calvin Went South...

( TMZ )  --  Taylor Swift   really is the creative brains behind  Calvin Harris ' monster hit "This is What You Came For," and their relationship fell apart because...
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Reporter Is Acting Strange On Live TV, But Then Viewers Realize Something Is VERY Wrong...

An old video is going viral again! In 2011, Serene Branson was set to do a live report outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles. However, Branson started to get a headache... As soon...
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A Professional PokemonGO TRAINOR for $20/hour!

Via Craigslist   This game is getting pretty serious when PROFESSIONAL Pokemon trainers are an actual thing. For only $20 per hour on Craigslist you can gain expertise in the game...
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