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(Yahoo!) - What do cats and electronic dance music have in common? Dillon Francis has the answer. The L.A.-based DJ and producer has created a loyal following not only for his own brand of genre-bending EDM, but for his great sense of humor - exercised frequently via the feline. He took the time to chat with Yahoo! Music about his upcoming single, "Without You" as well as his all-new side project, Meowski666. 

"Without You," a collaboration with British DJ and producer Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (T.E.E.D.), is a wistful electro-pop track that reflects on lost love and is set to drop on August 6th. The track will be part of Francis's anticipated full-length debut album with a release date to be announced. T.E.E.D. is known for a flow that's decidedly subtler than Francis's typically bass-heavy, party-starting fare. He told us that listeners can expect similar vibes from his debut album, saying, "There's a lot of stuff in there that I've been wanting to make for a long time that I didn't have enough knowledge and know how to do before. I have three tracks [on the new album] that are more along the lines of the indie-electro pop sound." 

As for another collaboration in the works, Francis is now one-half of an all-new DJ/production duo known as Meowski666. The side project is the brain child of Francis and artist Kill The Noise, also known as fellow DJ/producer Jake Stanczak. Meowski666 also began as somewhat of a joke before Francis invited Jake along for the ride. It wasn't long before the two producers launched the idea full-throttle intending it to be a wild side project "where all the songs are an ode to cats," as Francis put it. "It's like a fun, 'we don't have to care about anything' project, which is really nice to have," he said. The duo's first single, "Meow Machine," was just released on Wednesday via Soundcloud.

It's no wonder Dillon Francis has been crowned an unofficial class clown of sorts within the EDM community. His wild social media outreach keeps fans in stitches daily. He's even got a hilarious alter ego known as DJ Hanzel - a character he famously portrays in a series of Instagram videos. "One of my good friends Kevin had gone to Berlin and he had some guy guiding him around - that's who DJ Hanzel is," Francis explained. He even keeps it comedic with his official merchandise. His web storeoffers fans some seriously ridiculous options to add to their shopping carts - including "Dillon Francis DJs Dressed As A Clown" for $10,000 and "Dillon Francis Will Paint A Picture Of Your Family" for $750.00. 

Francis will appear at L.A. electronic dance music festival HARD Summer on Sunday, August 4th. Fans can expect plenty of "new music" and "weird visuals." And, as many of his followers will be thrilled to hear, he revealed, "maybe my Dad will show up." 

Listen to his Meowski666's new single as well as a preview of "Without You," now available for pre-order on iTunes, below. 

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