• Married: 7/15/2004 (9 years married, together for 11 years), been trying to have a baby for 9 years


  • Nick has a low sperm count and had surgery in 2007 to try to help the issue with no luck (She also has a mild case of PCOD.
  • 3 days before Christmas in 2009 Nick found out he had testicular cancer and had a testicle removed.
  • They have had 9 IUIs over the last 7 years - IVF is the only chance they have at having a baby.


  • In 2009 we found out Nick had testicular cancer.  It was devastating and we thought any chance of having our own child would be gone. Those were the scariest months of my life; thankfully we caught it early!  He had to have surgery to have the tumor and testicle removed.  
  • During this time my sister had my two beautiful nieces; it killed me that she was afraid to share her news with us because she didn't want to upset or hurt us.  I just wanted her to be excited and happy like I was for her!  I see the love she has for them and I hope someday we will be able to experience that.  I always pictured myself as the fun aunt but I also always pictured myself as a loving mother.  I hope one day my husband and I can have the extraordinary bond we see our family and friends have with their children.  
  • Since I work from home, I do a lot of babysitting.  It feels good that even though we don't have children, everyone trust us with theirs!   We try to do as many fun things as we can when we have them, like going to the zoo or the water park, because I worry we may never get the chance to experience that with a child of our own. 
  • It's very hard going to weddings, parties, and showers because everyone wants to know why after nine years of marriage we don't have children.   Little do they know that we would give anything be able to go to a party and introduce them to a baby!  
  • We are so happy together and the love we have for each other is unconditional.  When I see Nick with kids it makes me so happy but also very sad.  He is a natural - all kids love him and I know one day he'll make a great father.  He is the best husband and goes above and beyond to make me happy.  I know it kills him that he can’t give us a baby.  He works tons of long hours to pay for fertility treatments but IVF is out of our reach.  So please help make us the happiest couple by making our dreams come true! 
  • We have considered adopting but it’s also very expensive.  


  • I never really thought about being a father until I met Molly.  There was just something about her, a connection I never felt with anyone before in my life.  Molly is the most beautiful woman and person I have ever met. She makes me smile without even saying anything; just a look and she can melt my heart. We spend literally ever minute together that we have available; I have always wanted something like that.  
  • I feel pain when I think about not being able to get Molly pregnant, it feels like I have failed as a man.  It’s the only thing she has ever wanted that I haven't been able to give her.  I love being around friends’ and families’ kids; they make me feel like a parent even if it's just for a second.
  • I found out 3 days before Christmas I had testicular cancer in 2009, that was one of the toughest things I have ever been through I ended having surgery to remove the tumor and the testicle.  Had it not been for Molly I probably wouldn't have even got checked out, she was the one that pushed me to get it looked at (Male Pride).  
  • Having cancer didn't affect our relationship negatively; honestly it brought us closer together.  She was my rock she got me through the toughest time of my life and I wouldn't be the man I am today if it weren't for her.  So I am asking please give us this opportunity, she deserves more than anything in the world and I know together we have more than enough love to give a child.
  • Just recently we found out from a doctor that none of the surgeries or IUIs would have worked and that IVF was our only option.  It was definitely upsetting to hear this news after all the time and money we invested.

 It's very tough when people ask “why don’t you have any children.”  I see other families and wonder what my kid will look like, or will they be athletic like us.  I want her to be able to have the chance to be a mother because I have seen the positive effects she has had over the years on the children that are in our lives. She is great with kids, loving patient just the glow on her face when she sees our nieces.  I can't wait for her to hold our child for the first time and see that look on her face.